Special Forces

Our Task-Force boots are specially selected to provide comfort and protection for our New Zealand troops, police and security forces, so they can focus on the task at hand. Many of our Task Force boots meet the ISO 20347:2007 work-boot standards. LOWA is ISO 9001 approved.

In contemplating military use, (with or without full kit and/or body armour) or any use, the conventional wisdom is that the heavier the load the stiffer the boot needs to be to provide stability. The trend elsewhere is to lighter weight footwear at some sacrifice to stability but field hardened and experienced campaigners can typically compensate for this.

Because of the varying needs under different terrain, environmental and operating conditions it is probable that no one boot will suit all needs.
We are optimistic that by mid-2014 we will have a range of boots that will cover two categories as described above and maybe a third based on functionality and performance rather than appearance in the case of a Camp Boot.
Meantime our offering is limited. It should be realised that a higher specified category can be comfortably used in the category below.

Choose your environment and terrain above that you will mostly be exposed to, and we will recommend the right pair of boots for you.