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Hazel Phillips

Hazel Phillips
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Hazel Phillips - Lowa Renegade

in snowy conditions and Lowa RenegadeI tested the scree around Ruapehu, on day walks in the Auckland Waitakere Ranges and through a couple of river crossings and found them to be suspiciously comfortable.

; similarly, the The boot gave a feeling of solid support but not so much that you can’t feel the ground you’re walking on

I have quite flat, broad feet and found there was plenty of room for my toes. It’s easy to get good firm lacing and a snug feeling when laced up, without anything pinching where it shouldn’t – this is probably due to the padded tongue and ankle area.My feet stayed warm despite one track with seemingly endless river crossings in chilly water, although they did get a bit waterlogged at times.The men’s version weighs 1110g while the pair I tested weighed just 890g. The lining is Gore-Tex, which proved waterproof when walking through long grass and in wet conditions.

it is their lightweight construction, involving a patented technique in the midsole that reduces weight without compromising stability; that is the key.The Vibram sole is grippy, particularly in snow conditions, and the testing experience was completely blister-free. The upper is made from nubuck leather and the ankle area is well-cushioned. While these features both contribute to comfort,
sole, while flexible, is still robust. There’s also excellent ankle support. I get the feeling the sole would be more likely to wear out before the rest of the boot, but they would be durable – I gave them a good bashing over the course of a month and they still look like they just came out of the box.

- Hazel Phillips - October 2013