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ISO 9001 Status

After a rigorous and multi-part testing procedure, LOWA Sportschuh Gmbh, of Jetzendorf, Germany, has been awarded ISO 9001 status, a highly prestigious certificate of quality for the development, production, and sales of their outdoor, military, and safety footwear worldwide. This announcement was made by John McMath, Managing Director of Beattie Matheson the NZ distributor for LOWA.


LOWA is the only outdoor boot supplier to have achieved this recognition. The status is only awarded after a rigorous and multi-part audit conducted by the PFI providing indisputable evidence that the quality management systems fulfill the requirements of the stringent DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 standards. PFI (The Test and Research Institute Pirmasens) is an internationally acknowledged service and research center and one of the few institutes allowed to certify for ISO 9001 status. There is a 75 page manual of compliance that comes with the certificate. The certificate has to be renewed every three years; and in the interim, there are strict requirements and instructions regarding the procedural, production, and testing documentation that must be continually kept up to date.


LOWA Sportschuhe Gmbh was founded in 1923 and is based in Jetzendorf, Germany. They are manufacturers of high class footwear and offer a complete line of four season outdoor footwear for walking, hiking, backpacking, and mountaineering as well as everyday use. In addition, they offer collections of specialised footwear for field sports and professional task force (military, police, security …) use.


Such is the rigour applied to LOWA’s practices and techniques that after four days of the multi-part audit the testing authority PFI issued the ISO 9001 approval without any modification required by LOWA.