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Is this the future?


The new styles TICAM / CAMINO / CATALAN are chock full of new and innovative technology most of which is covered by patents. The New Zealand LOWA distributor introduced them to the NZ market in May 2013 once they became available in the WXL last (fitting) which suits most NZ feet.


These styles are typically 100 grams lighter per pair (300 for TICAM) than their more traditional equivalent. When this is coupled with other features, especially LOWA Flex, then a whole new enhanced experience in comfort is available over the already established comfort for which LOWA is renowned.


In case the WXL last has too much volume or is too wide help is afoot. Beattie Matheson has developed a fitting system which optimises the fit for those with mis-mated feet (virtually everyone) and those who need a lower volume. Read more about that prospect by clicking here and discuss the matter with your LOWA retailer who will be able to advise you and take care of your needs.


Look out for TICAM / CAMINO / CATALAN at your LOWA retailer and do more than just let your imagination run loose, TRY ON A PAIR for another experience. Read about LOWA Flex here.