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Josh Gale

Josh Gale
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Josh Gale - Lowa Ranger

When I purchased my first pair of tramping boots I made the mistake of buying according to price. By saving money I wound up paying a much greater price; on my first two tramps in them a lug and three lace rivets ripped out and due to a lack of adequate padding the collars dug into my ankles causing such pain I had to go barefoot.

The Lowa Rangers are at the upper end of the price scale for tramping boots, but on a trip around Lake WaikaremoanaOn

I discovered the old adage ‘you get what you pay’ for is true.

four day tramp around the misty lake I didn’t get any blisters or experience any problems. The track was wet and muddy and I intentionally walked through the worst of it and at the end my feet were warm and dry.

The Lowa Rangers’ outer is entirely made of water repellent Nubuck leather. They have a Gore-Tex lining and a smooth and snug cloth interior. I found the Vibram outsoles offered excellent grip and the ankle support saved me from injury a couple of times.

Compared to my previous tramping boots, the collar on the Rangers was soft and comfortable, but also solidly made. On the inside, I found the toe box roomy, but the insole too thin and hard so I’ll invest in
a good insoles before the next big trip.

These boots will excel on all backcountry tracks and I believe they can handle a fair amount of off-track with the right pack weight. They do have a

Being more flexible underfoot, they’re designed for those who carry medium weight loads, too.suited for on-track trips rather than long off-track forays into the wilderness. The Rangers are, however,

For the quality of material, these boots felt surprisingly light and I was confident to bound over rocks and logs.
rand to protect the leather uppers from some scrapes and scratches, but for off-track trips, especially in rocky terrain, a slightly higher rand would be better.

- Josh Gale

Lowa Ranger

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