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Following on from the outstanding success for the LOWA Zephyr models in law enforcement and Special Forces in the US and Europe it was decided to develop a more stable and supportive style. This to complete the selection as a link between the rugged board lasted models (like Combat, Mountain and Elite Desert etc.) and the more multifunctional models (like Zephyrs and Renegades). The military forces from many countries were asking for this type of “hybrid” to better suit their contemporary operational requirements including colours more aligned with changes in uniform.


The target was to have a lightweight but stable boot which offers walking comfort like a light hiker but the support and protection of a heavy duty backpacking boot


The Z–SERIES has arrived and it would appear that it will satisfy all those criteria and more. It will suit a broad range of military activities as well as police and security patrols.


At last very versatile comfortable lighter weight boots with virtually all the attributes of their more serious and traditional forbears.

They are rugged multi-function boots designed for demanding missions, while carrying heavy packs over varied and extreme terrain.


TWO HEIGHTS: The “Z” models come in two heights: “Z8” which is 8” (200mm) total at the Achilles and “Z6” being 6” (150mm).

BOOT CARE:  These boots require good care especially those made with split leather. Whilst the leather is hydrophobic split leather takes up water more readily than full grain or nubuck. It is important therefore to apply our LOWA Waterstop and Active Crème generously to them to avoid the leather from drying out and becoming boardy. Love them now and they will reward you with comfort and performance.


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