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SIKA and TAHR shows

For good reason LOWA boots are very popular amongst NZ hunters and Beattie Matheson take great delight in attending the above shows. It provides them real opportunities to interface with their many and varied users and to receive feedback from them on their personal experiences. They delight in the virtues of LOWA boots being extolled by the many and very satisfied hunters and especially the frequent comments that, “they are the most comfortable boots I have ever worn”.


Additionally it is an opportunity to show the new range boots and discuss how the new technology and the considerable enhancements on existing styles might be of benefit to hunters in pursuit of that elusive trophy. The new, patented LOWA Flex is a prime example of a feature which improves the comfort of hunters shooting from a kneeling position with the significant reduction of pressure in the flex point and an on the ball of the foot. This feature amongst others has been very well reviewed, read the report on CATALAN (one of several boots with LOWA Flex) here