Tommy Peloe

Tommy Peloe always had a burning desire to be adventurous. Being a young kid on the coast, while most of his mates were off surfing, Tommy would find himself wandering in the bush admiring Mother Nature and getting completely lost in what she had to offer. 

This is what lead Tommy to hunt with a bow and arrow, it was so primitive and really spoke to him. What Tommy does is not for everyone but for him it isn't about the kill. It is about being so close to animals in their natural habitat, being able to sneak in so close that you can see their breath. It truly is amazing and something Tommy will be forever grateful for.

Hunting with the bow and arrow has taken him all over Australia, met all sorts of wonderful people and the adventure is far from over. Tommy hopes he can inspire you to try and live out your dreams and chase what you desire.

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Photo credit for thumbnail image: Matt Moore from Kayuga Adventures 


Favourite Boot

"I got sent the Tibets GTX Wide. I use this boot because I carry heavy loads in the bush, over rough terrain, through creeks and love the way they hug my foot and support ankle. Being ex army I know the importance of having good boots and protecting your feet while out bush". - Tommy Peloe