Zac Rayward

Zac Rayward is a mad keen hunter and a very passionate outdoors man. He has grown up hunting his whole life and now spends most of his weekends away chasing wild game in New Zealand. He just can't get enough of it. To Zac, there's something special about heading into the hills in search of big red stags or running through thick gnarly scrub after tusky hogs. He finds it so refreshing just to get out away from everything and spend some quality days in the bush or high country with some good mates.

The reason behind why he started filming his adventures and uploading them on his channel WildGameNZ was so he could look back on them when he was older. Zac wanted his adventures to be more than just memories and to show people what hunting was all about for him. He has gained a few subscribers since starting out and a lot of support and encouragement which has helped fuel him to keep producing and uploading more content. Zac really enjoys filming and editing so it's rewarding for him to see people taking an interest in his videos.

Recently Zac destroyed a pair of boots within about 6 months so he went looking for some new boots that could handle some thrashing. Long story short, he ended up getting some Lowa Tibets. He has down some serious K's in them already and they haven't let him down. They have an awesome grip and edge really well when sidling around a hill.

“It's amazing the difference a good quality boot makes, you really can't go wrong getting yourself a pair.” – Zac Rayward

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Favourite Boot 

"My favourite Lowa boot is the Lowa Tibet  (my only lowa boot haha). It's a very well designed boot that is capable of owning any terrain and can tackle any mountain I throw at it". - Zac Rayward