Jaylene Cook

Jaylene Cook is a homegrown kiwi and internationally published model who spent a career travelling and shooting in exotic locations all over the world. Subtly blending her love for adventure, travel and nature into every shot of tasteful art, Jaylene captivates her ever growing actively engaged community of fellow outdoor lovers with her awe-inspiring imagery and immersive stories.

Between her global escapades, Jaylene spends her days living life on the road in a cabin styled converted van alongside her partner Josh Shaw. Together roaming the most remote regions of New Zealand showcasing the beauty of our country through their passion for hiking, snowboarding, scuba diving, camping and photography.

With both her breath taking adventure images and conversation sparking tales from the road - Jaylene inspires us all to get out there and explore more of our own backyard that we are blessed to call New Zealand.

Check out Jaylene's adventures below!


Favourite Boot

"Perfectly crafted for a woman’s foot, offering a tonne of ankle support while remaining lightweight, waterproof and super durable my Lowa Badia GTX have proven to be a trusty companion on my tramping adventures and I cannot imagine roaming without them!" - Jaylene Cook