Josh Shaw

Living life on the road while exploring the farthest expanses of Earth, Josh Shaw is an adventure seeking travel & lifestyle personality better known for his internationally published & awarded photography and filmmaking. Originally emerging from the East Coast of Australia, Josh has been travelling the world full time for over a decade now but feels most at home here in the mountains of New Zealand where he is based between his global adventures.

If you're looking for Josh, you will no doubt find him out roaming the many great trails of New Zealand, conquering summits, tramping through backcountry, camping in the wilderness, photographing sunrises, snowboarding, scuba diving or just hanging out on a remote beach somewhere with his partner Jaylene Cook. Together they spend their days chasing adventures around New Zealand capturing truly immersive moments and stories that force us to consider our relationship with mother nature while promoting the preservation of wild places everywhere.

Documenting and sharing his raw travels to remote destinations, Josh’s captivating stories inspire us to break the monotony - to get out and explore the world for ourselves.
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Favourite Boot
"While I love all my LOWA boots, each serving me perfectly for their particular purpose - I cannot imagine life on the road without my Innox Pro GTX. Lightweight, waterproof, with solid ankle support, they are super comfortable for me to wear all day for months on end. It's easy to see why I ditched wearing soggy sneakers everyday and started slipping into my Innox Pro GTX every morning instead." - Josh Shaw