Mark "Snake Hunter" Pelley

Mark "The Snake Hunter" Pelley has developed a strong reputation as being a professional, reliable and prompt snake catcher with "no fear". He has appeared in the media for saving people's lives in rescuing them from snakes and has strong, glowing reviews from the community.

As an expert snake consultant, Mark has helped individuals, families, businesses, and government better understand and be saved from endemic elapids. His passion is to protect people, pets, snakes and the environment.  Mark also loves helping new and emerging multicultural communities better understand Australian animals as part of their adjustment to the Australian way of life.

The Snake Hunter has multiple skills and qualifications in TAFE and university across several diverse areas. He has an equally diverse work background. Mark has trained in catching snakes in both Australia and in Pakistan where he learned how to handle Asiatic cobras.

Well recognised in the local community, if you see the SNAKE HUNTER in the street, don't be shy to say "hello" as Mark would be pleased to meet you.

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