5 Hiking Adventures You Can Tackle With Your LOWA Camino/Mauria GTX Boot

Photo: Jinal Govind & Karla Pound 

When tackling rocky off-trail terrain and rough weather conditions, you want a boot that is durable, cushioned and sturdy on uneven ground. The LOWA Camino GTX (men's) and Mauria GTX (women's) boot is your ideal heavy duty hiking boot for New Zealand's Great Walks.

Featuring a half rand on the toe and heel, this duo is specifically designed to offer you support, cushioning, and protection against rocks and scree. 

Talking about New Zealand's great walks, we have highlighted 5 hiking adventures you can tackle with your LOWA Camino & Mauria GTX boot!

Let's dive in.


1. Milford Track 


Photo by 피어나네 from Pixabay 

Location: Fiordland National Park, South Island
Distance: 53.5km one way/ 4 days 
Grade: Intermediate 
Best Time: Late October to late April 
Elevation: 1140m 

In 1908, poet Blanche Baughan described the Milford track as the "finest walk in the world". For over 100 years, this track has captured the attention of hikers from around the globe and is one of the best ways to discover Fiordland's unique environment and geological formations.

The Milford Track walks begins with a scenic cruise across Lake Te Anau, New Zealand's second largest lake, through the breathtaking Fiordland National Park to Milford Sound.

On this journey, you can expect to see New Zealand's tallest waterfall, spectacular valleys and rivers and glacier carved-fiords.

The Milford Track is moderately difficult, so taking on this hike requires a reasonable fitness level. It involves a mixture of alpine trails and forest tracks - zig-zags, slippery, narrow, uneven and rocky parts. Additionally, it includes a steep climb of 750m and a 900m descent. So, having the right gear and suitable equipment is highly recommended.

The only way to tackle this track during the Great Walks season (September to April) is to book a permit in advance for specific dates.  

The LOWA Camino/Mauria GTX boot is ideal for tackling the slippery, rocky, narrow and steep terrain of the Milford Track. The Vibram App Trail Outsole on both boot, is designed for excellent traction and stability on rocky, slippery and steep terrains. With this duo, you can confidently take on this track without fear of slipping.

2. Kepler Track 

Photo by Paul Huisman on Unsplash


Location: Fiordland National Park, Lake Te Anau area, Southland
Distance: 60km loop / 3 - 4 days
Grade: Intermediate
Best Time: Late October to late April 
Elevation: 1400m


The Kepler Track was designed and constructed for enjoyment rather than utility, compared to many other multi-day hikes developed from Maori greenstone pathways or early explorer routes.

The highlights of this track are the high tussock country, cascading waterfalls and glacier-carved valley!

The hike begins in Te Anau Township and climbs steeply to reach Limestone Bluffs before coming out from the bush line. Here, you will see spectacular views of the Takitimu Mountains, Te Anau Basin and the Earl and Snowdon Mountains. There's a possibility that you might encounter New Zealand's large and intelligent alpine parrots, the Kea.

The Kepler Track is moderately difficult, requiring a good degree of fitness and strength as certain track sections are steep and slippery.

For this popular Great Walk, it is advised that you make reservations in advance and have the correct gear and equipment. 

Another feature of the Camino/Mauria GTX boot is the SPS system. This feature enhances foot stability to increase walking comfort. It reduces pronation and supination to correct gait (feet rolling inwards or outwards). You will need all your strength for this great walk, and this feature will give you one less thing to worry about.

3. Lake Waikaremoana Track 

Photo by the Department of Conservation


Location: Te Urewera on the Eastern side of the North Island
Distance: 46km one way / 3-4 days
Grade: Intermediate
Best Time: Late October to late April 
Elevation: Lies between 600 and 1200m


Located on the North Island of New Zealand, Lake Waikaremoana has the largest native forest on the island and is historically the ancestral home of a Māori iwi tribe called Ngāi Tūhoe, often known as the "Children of the Mist". 

On this Great Walk, you will travel through beautiful rainforests, native bush, the goblin forest, stunning rivers, waterfalls and peculiar valleys of mist, perfect sunsets, birdsong, and history.

This track is moderately challenging with traverse terrain. It starts with a 600m steep climb, taking a few hours to tackle. So, a good level of fitness and strength is required, and the fitter you are, the more fun you will have.

Likewise, to tackle this track, we recommend you book this walk in advance and have the correct gear and equipment.  

Travelling through a river is not fun without waterproof hiking boots. The Camino/Mauria GTX Boot is made with Gore-Tex lining which prevents water from entering your boot while also allowing moisture such as sweat to escape to the outside. You are guaranteed to remain cool and dry on this hike with your LOWA Camino/Mauria GTX boot.


4. Kauaeranga Kauri Trail 

Photo by Daniel Chen on Unsplash  
Location: Coromandel
Distance: 12 km return/ 6 hours return
Grade: Intermediate
Best Time: Late October to late April 
Elevation: 759m


The Kauaeranga Kauri Trail is also known as 'The Pinnacles Walk' and was constructed at the beginning of the 20th century to move natural resources through dense forests.

It is a well-liked track rich in history, expansive views, waterfalls, incredible sunrises, and sunsets. The spectacularly spiky and volcanic Pinnacles rise out of the surrounding vegetation to a height of 759m, and at this point, you can see glorious views over the Hauraki Plains.

The track begins by crossing the Kauaeranga river through the swing bridge. The journey to the summit is rocky, steep, and slippery, with many stairs as a moderately challenging hike.

Before tackling this walk, you should have the right gear and equipment, and you will need to book in advance.

To tackle long walks, you may have to carry a heavy pack load made up of food, change of clothes and a first aid kit. With the Camino/Mauria, you can comfortably carry a 20+ pack weight. Both boots are made with Polyurethane Midsoles (PU), which are excellent shock absorbers that do not deform under heavy pack loads allowing you carry more without compromising on weight and flexibility.


5. St. Arnaud Range Track 

Location: Nelson, Northern end of the South Island
Distance: 10km return / 5 hours
Grade: Advanced
Best Time: Late October to late April 
Elevation: 1787m


The St Arnaud Range Track peak is New Zealand's Eighth wonder. The highlights of this walk are the alpine tussock valleys, snow-capped mountains and crystal clear lakes.

The St. Arnaud Range Track is quite challenging and starts with an uphill climb through 1650m beech forest, gravel track and lots of slippery tree roots. At an elevation of 1400m, Parachute Rocks offer breathtaking views above the bush line. It gets its name from a nearby parachute-shaped gravel scree.

As you reach the track's summit at around 1700m, you will see amazing views of Wairau Valley, Mt Richmond Forest Park, Buller Valley, Kahurangi National Park and Nelson Lakes National Park.

Again, the appropriate hiking gear is strongly recommended to tackle this track.  

When walking uphill, you need a moderately stiff comfortable pair of hiking boot. On the LOWA Camino/Mauria GTX boot, the Eyelets are attached to the individual lace parts made with soft border leather or supple textile material to avoid pressure points. This feature allows your foot to roll forward comfortably while walking uphill, saving you energy for the next step.

Other Gear Recommendation

For the most comfortable hike possible, we highly recommend pairing your LOWA boots with the appropriate hiking socks. 

The Thorlos Trekking Socks, is designed to provide maximum protection against blisters, foot pain, or discomfort and provide more comfort in all climates. You can find out more about the Thorlos Trekking Socks here.


Additionally, care products are essential to take care of your boots after use. You can find out more about the LOWA care products here. Taking care of your boots will extend its durability. You can also find a step-by-step guide on how to care for your LOWA boots here

We hope you get outdoors this weekend and tackle one of New Zealand's 5 hiking adventures with the Camino & Mauria GTX boot.

We wish you an exciting adventure.

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