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What Do You Need In Your Hunting Boot?

When it comes to choosing the right hunting boots, you want to consider the specific type of terrain you will be hunting in. Here are some recommendations for LOWA boots that could be suitable for each type of hunting:

Choose Your LOWA Hunting Boots With NZ Hunter's Willie Duley

Alpine Hunting

Alpine hunting refers to hunting in the alpine tundra, which is a high-altitude ecosystem characterized by barren, rocky terrain and cold temperatures.

Some of the most common game species hunted in New Zealand's alpine regions include Himalayan tahr, chamois, red deer, and wild goats. Hunting these animals requires a high level of physical fitness, as well as specialized equipment, sturdy boots and knowledge of the local terrain.

Boot Features- Gore-tex lining, Crampons compatibility, Alpine rand, Stiff shank, Vibram sole.

Tibet GTX®

Our best selling alpine hunting boot.

Designed for comfort and protection while carrying heavy loads over uneven terrain during multiple day hunts in any weather conditions.

Perfect for the Southern Alps of NZ.

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Highcountry Evo GTX®

Experience ultimate comfort on rugged and demanding terrain in the Alps with the all-new Highcountry Evo GTX

Carry a pack weight of over 25kgs with the stability and support offered by these boots and test your limits.

This boot is exclusive to Hunting & Fishing New Zealand

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Bush Hunting

Bush hunting is usually very challenging and demanding requiring you to navigate through rough terrain, climb steep hills, and cross rivers or streams.

You need a comfortable and high quality hunting boot that will provide the necessary support, stability, and traction needed for high performance and agility

Ranger III GTX®

Ideal for Australian High Country or NZ's North Island backcountry bush.

A reliable and rugged boot that is equipped to handle rough terrain while carrying heavy loads.

Perform serious hunting tasks in tough conditions with a 20+kgs packweight.

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Elite Evo N GTX® Wide

Light & Breathable. Enjoy weightless summer hunting while feeling protected, dry and stable through uneven terrain in backcountry bush.

Carry up to 20kgs with flexibility.

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Tactical Hunting

Tactical hunting requires stealth and precision.

You'll need a boot that is quiet, light, fast, comfortable and supportive.

Z-S GTX® C Series

Split leather variant of the LOWA Z-series.

Lightweight, quiet and stable. Experience the protection and support of a backpacking boot and comfort of a hiking boot.
Ideal for tactical missions with packs up to 20kgs. Made with split leather.

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Zephyr TF Series

Ideal for service professionals or as a 3 season boot.

Designed for all day comfort, keeping boot weight low and support up with Monowrap® construction.

Carry up to 15kgs pack weight.

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Innox Pro TF

Ultra-lightweight and all-synthetic. Designed to provide optimum performance while being quiet and agile.

Suitable for carrying light loads up to 10kgs.

The Innox is made with no animal products.

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