Collection: Alpine

For Serious Mountaineers

Boots designed with the Alpine in their DNA.  With 90+ years of experience of building the world's most premium adventure footwear. Experience out of the box comfort for even the most extreme terrain.

Alpine Expert GTX® II

For challenging alpine environments.

An insulated boot suitable for use in high altitudes, carrying a pack weight of 25kgs+

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Alpine SL GTX®

New and super light for high alaltitude alpine use. Suitable for demanding environments, carrying a pack weight of 25kgs+.

Made with EVA midsole.

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Cevedale II GTX®

For lower level alpine terrain that doesn't require insulation.

This spring mountaineering boot provides precise terrain feel and versatility.

Designed for heavy pack loads of 20kgs+, this boot is optimised for steep terrain in moderate climate.

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Tibet GTX®

Our best selling alpine hunting boot.

Designed for comfort and protection while carrying heavy loads over uneven terrain during multiple day hunts in any weather conditions.

Perfect for the Southern Alps of NZ.

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Highcountry Evo GTX®

Experience ultimate comfort on rugged and demanding terrain in the Alps with the all-new Highcountry Evo GTX.

This boot is exclusive to Hunting & Fishing New Zealand

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Ticam Pro GTX®

A high country trekking boot that allows you to take on rough and hilly terrains with ease.

With sturdy underfoot support and high alpine rand, the toughest of adventures will feel like a breeze.

This boot is exclusive to Torpedo 7.

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