Thane Young

Thane Young grew up in the days of venison recovery and in family that relied heavily on deer recovery to supplement their income so hunting is the blood. And 35 years later he is still chasing game around the hills and harvesting food from the rivers and sea.

He is an adventurer by nature with his two main passions being hunting and fly-fishing. Thanes' focus in the hunting space is long-range shooting and with this comes hefty treks into shooting positions and some very challenging animal recoveries.

Staying fit and healthy to enjoy these two passions is huge focus for him. He normally pack trains 3-4 times a week on hilly terrain and stairs with a pack weight of up to 30kg to maintain his fitness for the hills! 

Thane is constantly planning for the next adventure and is always keen to share his experiences with the people who accompany him or ones that enjoy his social media.

Check out Thane's adventures on the following:

Instagram  |  YouTube

Favourite Boot

"When it comes to footwear for these adventures and my training, there is only one, "LOWA". I have a selection of boots for different missions and applications... but my go to boot when I am unsure of what lays ahead or the terrain is aggressive is the LOWA Alpine Expert GTX. This boot has an exceptional safety aspect which I rely on heavily when heading into the unknown." - Thane Young

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