Alpine Expert GTX® by Anto Hall from The Hunters Club

While some boots can perform in a wider set of situations than others, there is simply no one boot for all jobs, particularly down here in the South Island of New Zealand.

Despite the above, there are some key things to consider when choosing what boots are right for you.

I have two favourite boots for majority of hunting that I do which is dominated by alpine country.  The Lowa Ticam 2 - (Similar to the much-loved Tibet's) and the Alpine Expert.

The Alpine Expert as the name would suggest is a versatile all-around Alpine boot.  It is insulated and balances flexibility with durability, and excels the Alpine Environment.  For an Alpine boot, it is relatively light but maintains features like being Automatic crampon-compatible and inclusion of some insulation for Warmth.

I have been using the Lowa Weisshorn for many years on my winter Thar hunting, while the Weisshorn is ideal for climbing the Alpine Terrain, performing at its best the steeper it gets.  While it is fantastic in the steep stuff as you move into Mid-Alpine Terrain the likes of Ticam's and Tibets become the preferred option certainly during the summer.

This cross over point and beyond is where the Alpine Expert is in its prime and beyond.  It really is a boot that can take on any alpine environment yet has enough flex and articulation to cover ground on the riverbeds before climbing high.

When I look at my boot shelf before heading off into the hills these days I am finding myself more and more selecting the Alpine Expert as my boot of choice, particularly this winter it has been a fantastic addition to the collection.

Anto Hall

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