Lady Light GTX® Review by Abigail Hannah

As an avid outdoor adventurer, Abigail is always looking to challenge herself with overnight tramps. And what better boot than the Lady Light GTX®.

Lightweight, stable and durable, this boot ticks all the boxes.

Watch Abigail's review of the Lady Light below.


I was extremely impressed with the way that the Lady Light GTX boots run true to size. I ordered them online and didn't get the chance to try them on prior to purchase, yet they fit perfectly. I immediately noticed that they are a lot more light-weight than previous hiking boots that I have owned, making it easier to walk for long periods of time.

As someone with a history of ankle injuries, it is really important to me that my hiking boots are supportive around the ankles. I was really impressed with how sturdy they felt, giving me confidence with every step on the track. This is especially important in some of New Zealand's more rugged tracks, whether there are tree roots across the track, slippery stones in streams or loose scree slopes. The Lady Light GTX boots provide secure footing, whatever the trail and I am quick to grab them for anything from a 2 hour hike to overnight and multi-day hikes.

Another great feature is that the Lady Light GTX boots are waterproof. That also means mud-proof and snow-proof, keeping your feet dry year-round, whether you encounter summer stream crossings, spring and autumn mud or winter dumps of snow. This is a feature that I hadn't experienced with previous hiking boots and I was extremely impressed with how waterproof they genuinely are!

I would recommend these boots to anyone that loves hiking on New Zealand's rugged trails, particularly for those longer overnight and multi-day hikes when you may be carrying a large pack. They are lightweight, sturdy and comfortable.

- Abigail Hannah, 2022

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