Renegade GTX® Mid Review

Learn more about our popular Renegade GTX® Mid, an all terrain classic that has been handcrafted to perfection over the last 25 years.

Suitable for everyday active life or weekend adventures on trail.

Watch the Renegade GTX®  Mid review below. 


 After having used the Renegade GTX® hiking boots all summer, I can confidently say they are the best boots I've ever worn. The first thing that stood out to me was how little breaking-in they required. In the past I've had to wear a pair of boots for weeks in order to get them broken in, all the while dealing with sore feet and blisters. I started by wearing the Renegade GTX® boots on a few short walks close to home and experienced no breaking-inside effects. They were comfy and fit me well from day one. I’ve now put well over 100km on them and have absolutely no complaints on the fit.

The boots have stood up well to everything that's been asked of them, from steep scree slopes to rushing alpine streams. They have kept my feet dry and supported through every situation, and after giving them a clean, they look almost brand new!

I'm amazed at how lightweight they are for a tramping boot! Compared to my previous boots, it hardly feels like I'm wearing the Renegade GTX® boots. Overall, I think the shining features of the renegades are their excellent waterproofing and their superb support, keeping my feet steady and warm on whatever trail I find myself on.

I would recommend the Renegade GTX® boots to anyone looking for a wider fit. They are a great starter boot, particularly for anyone new to hiking that wants to get out and experience New Zealand's trails. They are a great lightweight option, while also having the ability to handle rugged terrain.


Learn more about the Renegade GTX® Mid by clicking here.

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