FIT is a combination of LAST design, intelligent shoe construction, correct choice of quality materials and components all brought together with careful production, and above all, craftsmanship and pride.

LOWA Lasts

A last is the foot-shaped form made of wood or man-made materials on which a shoe is made. The shoe (or the uppers), are literally shaped over the last in order to achieve the use, or company specific, features in the shoe or boot that are hallmarks of the fit and feel.
For every type of footwear there is a special last that is designed for specific demands and expectations. Women's footwear styles of course have their own special LOWA lasts.

Each succeeding generation of children seems to be taller/bigger than their parents. Further (maybe encouraged by a generation of sneaker wearers) people are not wearing footwear that was as close fitting (tight and too short) as previously with more space in the forefoot to function biochemically as intended. In addition the size distribution curve has changed with a higher proportion going to larger sizes. The bell curve has probably shifted (got larger) by 1.5 to 2 whole sizes over the last 15-20 years. All of this has lead to adaptations to the lasts to reflect these current needs.


W-Last (wide)
7mm more volume around forefoot/ball area

Expanded toe box combined with more volume around arch/instep


The last is the deciding factor for the fit of a shoe. In order to guarantee optimal fit for a woman's foot, LOWA utilises a different woman's last for every style.

The LOWA Women's last is narrower in the heel, therefore proportionately broader in the forefoot and with increased depth in the instep.


This presupposes that the footwear is correctly fitted so that the feet can perform biochemically as intended without any hot spots or pressure points. This will all be supported by good shock absorption (polyurethane midsoles with SPS elements to aid correct gait), appropriate padding between the upper and the linings. Additionally all those unique LOWA innovations like: C4 Tongue, I-Lock, X-Lacing, FlexFit Synchro and LOWA Flex deliver an experience never before imagined in functional outdoor footwear, no matter what category.


The quality of the materials and components utilised (all sourced from suppliers well known and trusted by LOWA for many, many years) are an absolute necessity. And, when all of these elements are put together by craftsmen with pride using state of the art tools and machines and very robust processes you will appreciate the difference in what is LOWA: Simply more...

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